About the program

The Program:

The Cinematic Arts Academy is a three-year program from grades 6-8. In 2012, the LAUSD Millikan Middle School Charter for the Performing Arts launched the Cinematic Arts Academy. It is the only public school program of its kind in the entire country! The Cinematic Arts Academy begins with basic storytelling techniques, and develops into advanced screenwriting, cinematography, directing, sound and picture editing. Students learn screenwriting on Final Draft, filmmaking on professional Canon DSLR cameras, and editing using Adobe Premiere. They are continuously creating individual and group-based projects.

Beyond the Classroom:

Beyond the classroom setting, the Cinematic Arts Academy hosts three students film festivals each year, garnering the opportunity for the kids to see their hard work play out on the big screen while family and friends fill the audience.

As part of the larger community of filmmaking; teachers, parents, and community also bring forward relevant opportunities for the students to explore cinematic arts such as the following: how to apply to industry film festivals, how to apply for scholarships to film camps, and how to apply to guest judge at youth focused film festivals around the globe. Cinematic Arts Academy students learn skills that can be applied to every walk of life and career choice.

Academic Excellence:

Cinematic Arts Academy students will be expected to maintain academic and behavioral excellence every report card or be exempt from participating in events and film festivals. Upon acceptance, the students are immersed in an academic experience along with filmmaking. Their film work strengthens their understanding of the academics they are pursuing. In 7th grade the Cinematic Arts Academy students will have a rigorous, in-depth language and mechanics curricula, as their film teacher will also be their Honors English teacher, incorporating structure and standards. This pairing strengthens test scores, and formal writing, in preparation for high school.


Elizabeth Glynn, Creative Director